Fast Acting Uvulitis Relief Spray

(swollen uvula)

All Natural. Guaranteed. Provides lasting uvula protection.

  • Instantly soothes uvula irritation and pain
  • Reduces uvula swelling & returns it to a normal size
  • Absorbs 2X better into the uvula tissue than common throat sprays
  • Helps flush uvula canals & clears them of mucus congestion
  • Targets all 8 common causes of uvulitis simultaneously
  • Heals uvula tissue injury, sores & ulcerations with soothing compounds
  • Counters age-related uvula elongation by improving its tissue tone
  • Guards uvula from common irritants & prevents new flareups
  • Contains anti-oxidants that neutralize extremely damaging free radicals
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Unlike common throat infections that usually clear up without causing any lingering injuries, inflammation of the uvula can cause permanent damage to its sensitive structure. Even if your uvula symptoms eventually resolve by themselves, the short term inflammation can often scar your uvula tissue and permanently impair its many functions.

Even in the absence of an infection our uvula can still become enlarged or elongated because of our aging process. It is important to know that this age-related tissue enlargement can be just as damaging to our uvula as any of the pathologic causes of uvulitis.

Uvulin is the first all-natural product specifically made to quickly treat uvula problems and to protect it from serious damage related to uvula inflammation and aging. It is the only product that targets all 7 pathologic causes of uvulitis and age-related causes of uvula problems ensuring that the damage process stops immediately and your uvula recovers completely.



Targets All Uvula Related Problems

  • Swollen uvula
  • Uvula elongation
  • Uvula sores
  • Inflamed uvula
  • Uvula ulcers
  • Uvula redness
  • Blisters on the uvula
  • White discoloration of the Uvula
  • White patches on the uvula
  • Enlarged uvula
  • Uvula infection
  • Snoring issues

Now With 4 Advanced Features


Focused Ingredient

Precision-aim nozzle extension allows you to deliver healing compounds accurately at the site of the irritation.


Our most extensive
formula ever

Now with 20 powerful ingredients and 15 clinical extracts that are clinically validated for their therapeutic effects.



Newly added bioenhancers allow deeper absorption of active ingredients into the uvula, throat and tonsils.


Now with DGL
Licore Extract

Instantly activated by saliva. Allows active ingredients to remain on the uvula surface longer by forming a protective film around it.